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Our Mission is to identify the unmet needs of residents and businesses in the Yarnell Hill Fire area, and to identify ways to meet those needs.

Stategic Plan & Action Teams

Frances Lechner is one of the founding members of the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group, formed while Yarnell and Peeples Valley residents were still evacuated from their homes.  She served as communications director and, when the group incorporated, filled the role of secretary. Her work on the Steering Committee included development of the strategic plan, media interviews, website oversight, coordinating events, filing documents for incorporation and becoming a 501(c)(3).

She is a "newby" to Yarnell, having moved there in 2007, while continuing to work in the Valley for another five years. Frances became involved in community activities soon after moving to Yarnell, including the Yarnell Community Garden Project, the Yarnell Community Center and the Yarnell Fire District. Her professional background includes teaching junior high students (which enables a person to do just about anything…), a stint in the stateside fundraising office for an orphanage in Mexico and 27 years with the United Dairymen of Arizona. She is an alumna of Project CENTRL, the premier leadership program for rural and agricultural communities in Arizona. Frances enjoys travel, dabbles in photography and collage art, and relishes garage sale and thrift store shopping.

She and her husband, Emad Mohit, live in Yarnell with their cat, Meshki, and were fortunate enough to not lose their home in the Fire.

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