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Commemerative Brick Donors

The finest memorial we can build in the memory of the Granite Mountain Hotshots is developing Yarnell into a thriving, economically sustainable community. The Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial ParkŪ, located at Highway 89 and Shrine Road in Yarnell, is part of that vision. The site has been purchased with donations specified for the Memorial.

The Memorial Committee consists of members of the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group, Inc., the Yarnell Fire District and local residents.  With community input, staff and students from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture developed three design possibilities for a memorial park. These were displayed and further resident input solicited over a four-month period in 2014.  Adam Cosman, LLC, working in conjunction with the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, developed the next version of the Park design.  That design, displayed here, was based on refinements recommended by residents and Memorial Committee members.  Fundraising is underway to make this vision a reality. 

While we are still in the process of gathering hard costs, our initial fundraising goal is $250,000.

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or buy a commemorative brick.

Commemorative bricks are priced at  $100, $200 or $300. The bricks are produced by a small, family-owned Arizona company, which has donated a brick for each of the fallen firefighters. Bricks closest to the memorial centerpiece will be those purchased at $300.

You can help us! Download the brochure and hand it out it at churches, your workplace and other groups. Or distribute via your social media or email!

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