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Memorial Park
Memorial Park - Work in Progress

Check ou the Time Lapse of the Wall Construction!
video by Kurt Florman

We're using Earth Friendly Building Materials to build the wall
Click to see the video of EF Block at the Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Park!
video by Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC - www.EFBM.com & dan1@efbm.com

Make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal or buy a commemorative brick.

Commemorative bricks are priced at  $100, $200 or $300. The bricks are produced by a small, family-owned Arizona company, which has donated a brick for each of the fallen firefighters. Bricks closest to the memorial centerpiece will be those purchased at $300.

You can help us! Download the brochure and hand it out it at churches, your workplace and other groups. Or distribute it via your social media networks.

Stategic Plan & Action Teams

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Click to view the preliminary view of the Yarnell Hill Memorial Park and park features